Graph Modeling Based Prediction of Human miRNA-Targets


GraB-miTarget is a graph modeling baesd software package for prediction of human miRNA targets. It builds a weighted bipartite graph for a given miRNA and a potential target sequence and computes the probability that these two sequences bind to form a putative miRNA-target duplex.


GraB-miTarget is platform independent and was coded with Java. However, it needs Java compiler version 7 or higher and libsvm-weights-3.20 package to run.

Files to download:

Optional test sets evaluated in the cited publication:


  • [Mohebbi et al., 2016a] Mohebbi, M., Ding, L., Malmberg, LR, Momany, C., Rasheed, K., Robinson, WR., and Cai, L. (2016) Accurate Prediction of Human miRNA Targets via Graph Modeling of miRNA-Target Duplex, submitted.