of RNA Informatics Lab


PhDs Graduated from the Lab

  1. Dr. Dongsheng Che (Associate Professor of CS, ESU)
  2. Dr. Liang Ding (Senior Bioinformatics Software Engineer, St. Jude Children Research Hospital, Memphis)
  3. Dr. Zhibin Huang (Senior Software Engineer, Oracle)
  4. Dr. Chunmei Liu (Full Professor, EECS Department, Howard Univ.) NSF CAREER Award Recipient

  5. Dr. Mohammad Mohebbi (Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Appalachian State University)
  6. Dr. Fangfang Pan (Statistics Analyst, NJ)
  7. Dr. Abdul Samad (Assistant Professor, BUITMS, Pakistan)
  8. Dr. Pooya Shareghi (Senior Software Engineer, Facebook)
  9. Dr. Anuj Srivastava (Senior Research Scientist and Manager, The Jackson Laboratory, Maine)
  10. Dr. Yinglei Song (Professor of CS, Jiangsu Univ. of Science and Technology, China)
  11. Dr. Yingfeng Wang (Assistant Professor of CS, Middle Georgia State College)
  12. Dr. Jizhen Zhao (Vice President; Programmer Prof MKTS at Bank of America Raleigh)

MS Students Graduated from the Lab

  1. Dr. Jianliang Dai (Genetics Postdoc, UGA)
  2. Ping Hu (Statistics Analyst, AR)
  3. Hongchao Li (Software Engineer, Atlanta)
  4. Qi Li (Software Engineer, Boston)
  5. Kan Liu (CS Ph.D Student, U of California)
  6. Joseph Robertson (Software Engineer, Athens)
  7. Mika Takata (Research Staff, Hitachi Ltd. Japan)
  8. Kaan Tariman (Software Engineer, California)
  9. Yong Wu (Software Engineer, WI)
  10. Yunzhou Wu (Software Engineer, Atlanta)
  11. Dong Zhang (Bioinformatics Ph.D student, UGA)

Other Research Assistants, Trainees, and Visitors

  1. Deh-Hui Chuan (Merck Market Researcher, Malaysia)
  2. Dr. Liang Feng (Scientist, Bioinformatics R&D at Roche Diagnostics, Wisconsin)
  3. Dr. Leilei Guo (Life Science Postdoc Associate, Emory University)
  4. Xin Gao (Bioinformatics Technical St.aff, UPenn)
  5. Dr. Congzhou He (Computational Linguist, SAP)
  6. Amy Liu (Computer Science Ph.D student, UGA)
  7. Amir Manzour (Ph.D student, Instituite of Bioinformatics at UGA)
  8. Jonathan Myers (Algorithm Researcher, Athens)
  9. Ben Nguyen (Chemistry Graduate, UGA)
  10. Sang Nguyen (Software Developer, HomeDepot, Atlanta)
  11. Juber Patel (Ph.D student, Instiutite of Bioinformatics at UGA)
  12. Dr. Tim Shaw (Bioinformatics Research Scientist, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital)
  13. Dr. Mucheng Zhang (Research Scientist, China)
  14. Ying Zheng (CS Ph.D student, CSU, China)