Will Rogers My current research interests are in the broad areas of bioinformatics and plant evolutionary/ecological genetics. Will Rogers (left) and I are studying the genetics, evolution, and ecology, of the insect-eating pitcher plants (Sarracenia species). Most of my bioinformatics work is a collaboration with Liming Cai (right) of the Computer Science Department to develop methods of modeling and searching genomes for non-coding RNAs, non kamagra. See our RNA-Informatics web site. Liming Cai

Current Funding:
NSF logo From RNA Sequence to 3D Structure, Accurate Predictions Through Backbone K-Trees
Liming Cai, Russell L. Malmberg, Cory Momany
NIH 5 R01 GM117596-02
NSF logo Carnivorous plant syndromes: The role of volatile emissions in the diversification of the pitcher plant genus Sarracenia
Jessica Stephens, Russell L. Malmberg
NSF IOS 1601273